Did you ever dream of traveling to an alternate universe? I actually did it. I am the Bear, high school kid.

JoJo MaxsonSpectacular read for teenagers.
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The Sceptre: A Jonster the Monster and the Bear Adventure by B.E. Boucher is a magical adventure teenager will enjoy. Geof, known as Bear, is ready to seek out answers to his mom's disappearance many years ago. He is a defender of anyone who is being picked on and makes friends easily. Jon is Geof's best friend, and he wouldn't dream of letting Geof have all the fun finding his mom. Along with Debbie and Patricia, these teens travel to worlds unknown and face danger unforeseen.

I found B.E. Boucher an intriguing author that draws you into the story and makes you cheer for the characters on their quest. I felt The Spectre: A Jonster the Monster and the Bear Adventure similar to a modern-day Hardy's Boys novel. I enjoyed the Native American story entwined with the story. This book is a fun read, and young adults will enjoy the journey they take to find the answer to the question; what happened to Geof's mom?
AgustinaA great adventure awaits!
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The Sceptre: A Jonster the Monster and the Bear Adventure is the story of Geof, known as Bear is a teenage boy that lost his mom when he was just a baby and with the help of a medicine man, he found out he was able to find her if he went back into the magical kingdom of his ancestors. And so, he did, with a couple of friends. They end up meeting a lovely but self-centered dog.

This is a fantastic story filled with magic, tricks and travelling to far away universes. Geof’s character is very interesting and it’s a great leader in the whole book. The different scenarios that Boucher, the author, was able to build are wonderful. The plot comes with twists and mystery while the characters live an adventure they will never forget.
Mia C.Unputdownable
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The Sceptre: A Jonster the Monster and the Bear Adventure is a novel for teens written by author Boucher. There are plenty of well described and developed characters that amazed me. I read this together with my niece, who is fifteen, and we both like it. We found the plot interesting and it was difficult to stop reading because we wanted to know what would happen next.

This fantasy story is really captivating. There are many interesting elements that make this an unputdownable novel. Although it is aimed at teenagers, I believe that any young adult would enjoy it as well.

I recommend reading The Sceptre by B. E. Boucher.
Susan Bi.Love it
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The Sceptre: A Jonster the Monster and the Bear Adventure is one of those stories that right from the very first page we realise it would be a fun ride.

Here, author Boucher has been able to merge the story of native Americans into a fantastic and magical tale about Geof, the main character, whose mother disappeared when he was a baby. He set out to find her, but the searching is not a regular one, he would have to delve into the magical kingdom of his ancestors. Written entirely in a dialogue-based form and with fluid and elegant language, Bouches has opened a fantasy world that kept me up for many nights. I was unable to put it down until the final heart-pounding twist. Loved it!

The adventure continues in “The Secret City”.